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Grand Foot Escape Grand Foot Escape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed the...

I really enjoyed the style, feel and controls of the game. That being said, it came of overly simple after a while, I made i through all 5 stages without a scratch (or was it 6?, meh)

but honestly, the music rocked out loud--i really admire the depth put into it, it sounded almost better, if not equal to the original--i really dug it. The artwork, although very diverse and ever changeing had but 1 flaw--it was a little weird at times to tell the depth of the oncoming objects. With that being said, I voted 5 for this. But if the game was horrible, which its not, the music was devine. good stuff bro, good stuff.

Ps-congrats on being a father.

e7 e7

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love the meaning

those robots kicked my ass bro. But the originality of this game was noted, mind you I couldn`t read the fine print on the bomb, but i`m curious, is there a way to jump out of the atmosphere?
anyhows, the mixture and gradual increase of the soft and relaxing piano music was what made this game managable after dying do many times against those robos. The weirdness of the planet also intrigued me, if i had to say anything negative about this it would be, like lost, a trip into a very interesting, amazing and capturing world only to be left with little explanation as to wtf makes this place tick. Who planted the bomb? Robots? And what the hell am I? a guided pod? Is there a man inside there? Who`s talking to me-S or C? But i guess just like "2001: A Space odyssey " the mystery is what it stands for, and that I believe will make it a classic in years to come.
Simple and engaging artwork--nicely done backgrounds--they always give the impression of traveling long distances when the ground is no longer visible-nice touch of parallax based perception.
Needless to say, it rocked with passion-you made a very deep game here and it`s a shame the majority will overlook your work as just another developer trying to make just another flash game.
Make me some more man-and send me a message when u put ur games up, i don`t wanna miss them. e7 has some meaning to it that most other games lack.


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